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What You Need to Know

What You Need To Know

To reserve your Waterman Caddie, Golf Board or Phat Scooter, please call our Golf & Lifestyle Retail store at 949.248.3002 ext 5.

Golf Board or Phat Scooter Fees: $25 Member Walk-On | $35 Non-Member Walk-On | $60 Advanced Booking

party riding GolfBoards

Click here to pre-register to surf at GolfBoard at the Beach during your next round! Link opens in a new tab

Golf Board & Phat Scooter Tours

Enjoy an unforgettable experience of cruising the links on the coolest new way to ride. 

Guided Tour

Cruise the turf with a Team Member.
You'll get the inside scoop on the Links. From the names of the surf breaks to the best photo spots.
8:30am - Sundown
1-hour experience • $99 adult • *$75 youth

Tour & Lesson

Pick from either a tour then a lesson or a 5 hole playing lesson!
8:00am - 10:30am or 2.5 hours to Sundown
1.5-hour experience • $150 adult • *$125 youth

To book or to check for availability please contact the golf shop at 949-248-3002. Tours above can only be guaranteed if booked 24 hours in advance.

*ages 16 or older to participate. Must be accompanied by an adult.

To reserve your Waterman Caddie, Golf Board or Phat Scooter, please call our Golf & Lifestyle Retail store at 949.248.3002 ext 5.

Waterman Caddie

golfer putting and caddie holding the flag

wa· ter· man | \ ˈwȯ-tər-mən,

Definition of waterman
one who works or lives on or near the water , click to view definition in a new tab

To reserve your Waterman Caddie please call our Golf & Lifestyle Retail store at 949.248.3002 ext 5.

Monarch Beach Golf Links is proud to offer an exemplary Caddie Program called our “Waterman Caddies". Think of our Waterman Caddie program as your personal Golf Concierge and Surf Buddy!!! You can enjoy the expertise and assistance of a professional caddie or forecaddie as you play Robert Trent Jones' golf course. Each Waterman has received intensive training, learning the nuances of our beautifully crafted oceanfront course along with all things Salt Creek Beach and Monarch Bay. We're confident you'll discover that we have one of the finest and most unique Caddie Programs in the world. 

Waterman Caddie duties include:

  • Informing players about the characteristics of each hole including the length, distance to hazards or land forms; where trouble might be lurking
  • Locating all golf balls and providing distances to the hole
  • Raking sand bunkers, replacing divots and cleaning clubs
  • Tending to the flagstick, repairing ball marks and cleaning the golf balls
  • Handling all of your food, beverage, cigar, tobacco and merchandise orders
  • Helping players with club selection and reading our sometimes tricky greens
  • If needed taking pictures or videos of your group via your smart phone

Finally if you need some assistance in arranging a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) lesson, surf excursion, or if you are just interested in the current ocean water temperature, swell direction or current points leader of the World Surf League, our Watermen are at your service.


Waterman Forecaddie 18-Holes
Gratuity Not Included. Suggested Gratuity is $35 and up per player/bag.

  • 1-Player | $100
  • 2-Players | $100
  • 3-Players | $150
  • 4-Players | $200

Waterman Forecaddie 9-Holes
Gratuity Not Included. Suggested Gratuity is $20 and up per player/bag.

  • 1-Player | $50
  • 2-Players | $50
  • 3-Players | $75
  • 4-Players | $100

Waterman Walking Caddie 18-Holes
Gratuity Not Included. Suggested Gratuity is $45 and up per player/bag.

  • Single Bag | $110

Waterman Walking Caddie 9-Holes
Gratuity Not Included. Suggested Gratuity is $25 and up per player/bag.

  • Single Bag | $55

We are certain you'll appreciate the advantages our professional Waterman Caddies provide. They'll help improve your game and give you the freedom to play at your pace. You can even walk the course, if you desire, to take in the beautiful surroundings, unburdened by your golf bag and unrestricted by your golf car.

Like all of the amenities at the Monarch Beach Golf Links Golf Club, the Waterman Caddies is designed to create a memorable and inspirational golf experience.

To reserve your Waterman Caddie or Forecaddie please call our Golf & Lifestyle Retail store at 949.248.3002.

Enjoy a morning or late afternoon 9-hole round of golf!
Cost varies between $80-$100 per golfer.

Back 9: 6:10am - 7:10am (Varies Based on Time of Year)
Front 9: 2.5 hours prior to sunset
Monarch Beach Golf Links regularly rotates the starting nine holes. Please call to confirm if you have any questions.

Juniors under the age of 18 can play for 1/2 price and can book up to 24 hours in advance by calling the golf shop at 949.248.3002 ext 5.

Tee Times
Tee times can be booked 5-Days in advance

Now Introducing, the 9FORE9 Golf At-Ease Pass!

Please email Brandon Delgado, PGA to be placed on the waitlist.

Pay $1,949.00 for unlimited 9FORE9 golf access!
During your 6 months of unlimited 9FORE9 access, you will also be able to use the Links Card Benefits as long as you are enrolled in the program! Pass is valid for 6-months from the date of purchase.

Play a quick 9-holes before work or enjoy your afternoon happy hour on the links!

Questions? Email PGA Director of Sales, Brandon Delgado at or call 949.248.3104.

Monarch Beach Golf Links Golf Boards, fine dining, and bar favorites are a few of the amenities available at Monarch Beach Golf Links

Get Monarch Beach Golf Links tee times from the palm of your hand. Download the new Monarch Beach Tee Time App from the Apple App Store or via Google Play for Android Devices.

Mobile Payments Made Easy!

Phone with GolfCash app

Once you have loaded up GolfCash its easy to pay your Guest Fees, or make purchases in the Golf & Lifestyle Retail Store, on the Refreshment Vehicle, and the Monarch Café. Anytime you need ot pay at Monarch Beach Golf Links just tell the staff you will be paying with GolfCash, enter the amount due and press PAY WITH GOLFCASH. Instantly, the staff will be notified of your payment and you're done! Already have the app? Update your current app to get the latest version and start using GolfCash today.

Enjoy GolfCash & our BEST RATE GUARANTEED on tee times on our app!

Now introducing....

Golf Cash

Load GolfCash Get Bonus Cash!
With GolfCash on the our mobile app you can:

  • Pay for your tee time.
  • Pay your bill at the Monarch Café.
  • Order from the refreshment vehicle.
  • Buy a round of drinks before and after your round!

It's quick and easy to send your friends GolfCash as well, and you get Bonus Cash when you gift to someone else!

By registering below, if you make a Hole In One on the 5th hole on the day you play, you will win:

A $1,000 Gift Card to Monarch Beach Golf Links! Gift Card can be used on golf guest fees, Links Card purchase, merchandise, golf lessons, and F&B at the Monarch Cafe!*

*Please fill out all the information above in order to be eligible to win the prize. You must sign up in advance of starting your round. Video is time-stamped and will be referenced to your tee time.

Please read the Terms & Conditions:

  • I am at least 18 years old, an amateur golfer, and have provided accurate information above.
  • I understand that the tee from where I hit my hole-in-one must be at least 150 yards from the cup (double-check your distance on the tee!)
  • I understand the camera system must clearly capture my hole-in-one without any obstructions blocking the camera.
  • I understand the hole-in-one must occur on my first swing of the day from the 5th tee.
  • Any hole-in-ones on practice shots, replays, or mulligans will not count.
  • If I make a hole-in-one, I must notify Monarch Beach Golf Links golf shop staff that day of the hole in one, and myself and my playing partners may be required to sign an affidavit.
  • Monarch Beach Golf Links may deem you ineligible for the prize if they suspect any direct or indirect fraudulent activities.
  • I understand I only have to sign up for this once and will be eligible for the duration of the challenge.
  • By entering this contest I am also agreeing to receive emails from MBGL and am automatically enrolled in the OB/ Troon Rewards Program and Monarch Beach Text Club. OB Sports/Troon Rewards Program allows me to earn points towards free golf at over 100 locations worldwide. Learn more by clicking here.

Pace of Play Policy
Before 10 am the expectation is 4 hours and 15 minutes or less and after 10 am 4 hours and 30 minutes or less
Golfers will be asked to first speed up, then pick up, to skip a hole or two, and finally to leave if they can’t keep this pace of play promise.  We intend to protect the pace of play of the field, all golfers, and to not allow some golfers to have bad etiquette and negatively affect others.   

Click here to download a pdf version

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