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Monthly Links Card & Annual Member Offerings

Exclusive Benefits for the month of July

Thank you for being a Links Cardholder or a Resort Annual Member!!!
July's Exclusive Benefits

Golf Opportunities
  • No additional guest fees Sunday after 12 pm, all day Monday-Wednesday.  These days, your guests are extended the same Cardholder rates as you!!! 
  • Enjoy Twilight Rates one hour earlier than the general public.  6 hours before sundown!  
Golf & Lifestyle Retail Store
  • 60% off sales rack for Cardholders
  • 30% off all Shinola products
  • 30% off select putter covers only
  • Vendors of the month
    • 35% off for Cardholders/Members
    • Women's Marked Daily, Under Armour & Dunning
    • Men's Marked 7 Diamonds, Ahnkor & Dunning
Food and & Beverage Special
  • $12 Signature Links Guava Pineapple Margarita
  • $6 Signature Cali Dog
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